financial counsel

Partnering with us means engaging across the whole plane of your financial picture.

Though our work may be complex, our offering is simple and straightforward. We offer just one service: interdisciplinary financial counsel. And we deliver it in just one way: as fiduciaries, compensated only by client fees.

Crossing boundaries in pursuit of best solutions

When you make a significant financial decision, how confident are you about its implications across tax, legal or other non-financial implications? If you are like most people, you probably receive financial advice within a limited sphere and are then left to manage integration of issues yourself.

In our model, we seek to eliminate that strain. We become deeply familiar with a client’s balance sheet, cash flow, tax profile, estate plan and much more. In this way we can pursue the best solutions across:

  • Portfolio design and management
  • Estate planning and trust administration
  • Income tax forecasting and tax management of legacy assets
  • Private investment funds, alternative investments and angel investing
  • Stock option strategies and executive compensation
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Insurance coverage and claims
  • Home financing alternatives and more

Planning catalysts

Often clients come to us initially because they are approaching an important financial waypoint. We seek to help them navigate successfully through comprehensive planning and integrating the different skills of our team members.

Preparing for life’s inflection points

Whether it’s marriage, retirement or caring for a loved one, a well-crafted, responsive plan brings together financial assets, tax management strategies, and a deep understanding of your obligations and benefits so that claiming strategies and portfolio withdrawals are paired for long-term sustainability.

Maximizing your human capital

Your human capital is your first great asset. As your career progresses, we help you navigate transitions with strategies to obtain and protect employer equity, and then harvest and diversify through tax-managed options exercises, and RSU and ESPP management.

Doing more with your money

Financial portfolios are constructed of investments to sustain you and the ones you love. They can also express your desire for outcomes that aren’t purely financial. Environmental, social & governance (“ESG”) investments, impact investments and charitable giving strategies can all be used to extend the reach of your financial capital.

Realizing your life’s work

Transitioning a business is an art that balances family dynamics, personal goals, a company’s trajectory and financial market opportunity. Ultimately, the right exit strategy should calibrate risks and pathways to replacing income—an exercise that requires coordinating financial, tax and legal considerations.

Transitioning your wealth

Education savings and imparting sound financial principles are the bedrock of intergenerational planning. But the next generation’s success depends on more than financial resources. Your estate plan can be a tool for education, engagement, and philanthropic guidance, beyond the importance of tax mitigation.

Active engagement for great client experiences

In our experience, the best client experiences result from sustaining, over time, a pattern of frequent interactions. You can count on us to proactively raise issues relevant to you. We will also engage directly with your tax and legal advisors as we synthesize issues and reach actionable outcomes that reduce risk, bring order and enhance understanding.

In addition to collaborating with you, we collaborate with each other. Each client works with at least two principals, and we regularly bring in others on our team when their expertise is called for. In this way, we seek to consistently provide a reasoned balancing of different and sometimes conflicting issues. That’s our objective in all scenarios—whether you’re exiting a startup or moving down the street.