InvestmentNews – “Demand for ESG investing is knocking at your door … or should be”

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Catching the attention of financial media recently is our partner, Cameron Barsness, who has been featured in panels in NYC and San Francisco at the forefront of two prevailing investment subjects:  investing with the Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) lens and women’s leadership in the financial counseling industry.

“The Fruits of ESG,” a feature column in Morningstar’s October/November edition, quotes Cam on our process of introducing the ESG discussion, specifically our use of an ESG questionnaire and the way it engages clients in the ESG conversation, sometimes eliciting the sometimes quieter voice in client couples.

Reporting on its Women Adviser Summit in San Francisco this October, InvestmentNews quotes Cam as a featured speaker on inviting conversations about ESG investing:

“Get used to talking about the idea with clients…  The future of your practice is the women and the next generation. If you are not having this conversation with your clients, you risk not having a future with them.”

“Explain that you’re looking for a return on investments in companies that will possibly be better because you’ve looked at these other [ESG] factors that are going to affect their performance and effect the business culture that they are in.”

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