Financial Advisor Magazine speaks with Scott Benner

Financial Advisor Magazine

KBBS principal Scott Benner spoke with Ben Mattlin of Financial Advisor Magazine for an article about 2024 required minimum distributions. “And this year isn’t the best time for Roth conversions—they’re best done in lower RMD years. . . High-distribution years like 2024, in fact, show how such conversions smooth taxation over five to 10 years,” […]

Cameron Barsness Published in MoneyGeek

KBBS Financial principal Cameron Barsness was published in MoneyGeek’s piece, “How to Plan Charitable Donations & Their Benefits.” Her contribution to the segment “Experts’ Advice About Making Charitable Donations,” addresses common questions about how to make effective and impactful gifts. Cam writes: “Find joy in the process itself. There’s a real satisfaction to be found in […]

Cameron Barsness Published in Green Money Journal

KBBS Financial principal Cameron Barsness was published in the December 2022 issue of Green Money Journal. Her article, “Building Trust Through Authenticity,” includes personal examples across four categories: care, sincerity, reliability and competence. Cam writes: “To serve clients well, we must gain their trust. We then nurture and maintain that trust by delivering outstanding client experiences in […]

Morningstar Speaks with Cam Barsness for “10 Reasons Why ESG Won’t Be Stopped”

For a Q4 magazine cover story, Morningstar’s Leslie Norton—formerly a longtime Barron’s reporter—spoke with KBBS Financial principal Cameron Barsness for a new article on why, in Norton’s view, “ESG and sustainable investing are here to stay.” In the “Spotlight” feature, Norton quotes Cam sharing about how, at KBBS, client interest propels the conversation and leads […]

LifeBlood Podcast: Investing with Purpose with Cam Barsness

KBBS Financial principal Cameron Barsness was a guest of George Grombacher on the LifeBlood podcast and gave great insights into how we partner with clients, ask important questions and consider the investments we recommend through a 360 degree view. Listen to the full interview at LifeBlood Podcast (or where ever you get your podcasts)

FAs Weigh In: Proactively Asking Clients About ESG Interest ~ By Sam Del Rowe

KBBS principal Cameron Barsness spoke with Sam del Rowe of Financial Advisor IQ for an article about deepening client relationships and how to begin the conversation around increased intentionality and materiality of Environment, Social, Governance issues in client portfolios. “…you can have a conversation with them about long-term risk in a portfolio because of changes […]

Are ESG Investments for Real? Advisors Should Vet Them ~ By Sam Del Rowe

KBBS principal Cameron Barsness spoke with Sam del Rowe of Financial Advisor IQ for an article about vetting ESG investments. “…Just like if you’re going to invest in a mutual fund, if it says ‘global’ in the name, sometimes that doesn’t actually tell you anything,” Cam says. “You have to do very similar due diligence […]

Cameron Barsness Interviewed by CommonGood Capital

KBBS Financial principal Cameron Barsness spoke with CommonGood Capital about impact investing and client engagement. Cam commented on what’s changed in the last two years about investors’ interest in ESG and responsible investing. She says, “More and more, clients want to see the influence of their dollars during their lifetimes. The idea that you can […]

InvestmentNews – “Demand for ESG investing is knocking at your door … or should be”

Season’s Greetings, Catching the attention of financial media recently is our partner, Cameron Barsness, who has been featured in panels in NYC and San Francisco at the forefront of two prevailing investment subjects:  investing with the Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) lens and women’s leadership in the financial counseling industry. “The Fruits of ESG,” a […]

Morningstar Magazine – “The Fruits of ESG”

KBBS partner Cameron Barsness recently spoke with Tom Lauricella, writing for Morningstar Magazine, about KBBS’ proactive approach to discussing environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing with clients. “Barsness says that when the clients are a couple, the questionnaire is especially valuable because often one partner is more vocal than the other and will lead the […]