Brokered CDs & other interest-bearing options for cash

It’s been a been a while, decades in fact, but it’s time again to start being more thoughtful about earning interest on deposits. With interest rates rising, you may have seen the financial press giving increased attention to investors’ options for excess cash. For example, this recent Kiplinger article offers a brief introduction to brokered […]

2022 Fall Deadlines

Though it feels like the first fall rains only just washed away the last vestiges of summer, the holiday season is upon us, and with it all the usual pre-year-end bustle. To help you prioritize, we are sending along a few important dates for your calendars. We know that combining several topics into one newsletter […]

Third Quarter Review: “How Long Until We Get There?”

Whether we’ve been the driver or a passenger—perhaps as a child in the back seat on a family road trip—we’re all familiar with the question “How long until we get there?”  Now, following the third consecutive quarter of market declines in both stocks and bonds amidst the Federal Reserve’s campaign to hike interest rates and […]